Saturday, June 04, 2011

The first - and worst - sign that Summer is almost here.

Wednesday morning, June 1st, was bright and sunny, but it wasn't unpleasantly hot when I went downstairs first thing in the morning. Nothing to let me know that Summer is indeed here, in Cyprus.

Nothing, that is, until in my not-quite-awake morning-routine way I pulled the cords that open the curtains in my study.


It wasn't a very loud noise, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed something fall to the floor.

Something brown, about an inch long, which quickly ran away.

Ugh. Shudder.

I didn't scream, as I did nearly fourteen years ago when I first saw one of these nasty creatures that somehow get inside our houses during the summer months, but I did make a loud gasp. Then I rushed for the Biokill, and sprayed the area where it had disappeared to. And other darker spots in the room where I thought it might go.

Then I went to make my morning coffee. And to fetch a yogurt pot. Thankfully I spotted the nasty insect running across the floor, apparently undeterred by the Biokill, and managed to clamp the pot over it. Then, hearing it struggling, and concerned that one of the cats might knock the pot off, I put the Biokill container on top to weigh it down:

And there it still sits.

On Friday, when I was sweeping my study, I found another one under the sofa - thankfully not alive; perhaps the Biokill was effective anyway. I took a deep breath and swept it out of the door. That one was easy.

This morning I had to repress a shudder again, as I found one in an unexpected place where I wasn't expecting anything to move....

-oh, and if anyone is in doubt about what exactly I am talking about - you can find the answer in this post about yogurt pots and nasty insects!


Anvilcloud said...

This does not sound pleasant.

Anonymous said...

But what are they??

taueret said...

Got to be cockroaches, I think. Ugh We used to get them at school, usually found when we got in late from the theatre. Makes me shudder too remembering them.

decorative concrete said...

You're lucky you were able to reach quickly for the kill!

Sue said...

yes, indeed... roaches (shudder). I've now edited the end of the post to link to the one where I described what we use yogurt pots for!

Sue said...

You are so right! I was at the Co-Op hardware store this week looking for STRONGER, BIGGER mouse traps, and so was everyone else! Jim and I have both had a big white mouse jump out from under the sink onto our feet when we reached inside to get something. Spiders are also moving inside, and the jumping ones leave big marble-size knots under the skin when they bite you at night. Well, I guess we shouldn't complain, as they have to live too, and it is hot outside.