Saturday, September 24, 2011

The end of Summer 2011 in Cyprus may just about be in sight...

As so often happens, September, for the first couple of weeks, continued to be hot and humid in Cyprus - at least, at sea-level. It hasn't been an over-hot summer, thankfully, but there was really no reduction in temperature, despite a couple of hours of rain one afternoon at the end of August. So we have continued using air conditioning (set at 28C, of course) for an hour or two in the evenings, overnight for at least a few hours, and, if necessary, for the computers during the day.

I've also continued watering our patio plants three times per week, and was a little surprised that our potted bougainvillea is blooming - usually May is the bougainvillea season:

I had seen forecasts for rain expected on Thursday or Friday this week, but was a little cynical. However, when I woke up on Friday morning, there was a feel of rain in the air. Apparently there had been some thunder in the night, and quite heavy rain, although I did not hear it. But the road looked damp, and I could see rain on some of the rooftops. And, best of all, by 8.30am there was still a fresh breeze - the shade temperature, apparently, was still only 22C.

It rained again during the afternoon, yesterday. Not heavy rain - just drizzle, which of course is very good for plants and farms, as it soaks in rather than rolling away or causing floods. It got a few degrees warmer during the day, but didn't get too humid in the evening, and was cool enough to sleep without air conditioning at all - although it was odd trying to sleep without the 'white noise' we have become used to!

Today felt very pleasant when I got up, around 6.30am, and although I have been running my ceiling fan, my study feels reasonably cool and breezy with the windows open. The ten-day forecast for Larnaka is currently showing a possible 30C next week, one day, but no more than 29 on other days. Somehow, when it dips below 30, it starts to feel as if autumn might be coming.

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