Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn coming - perhaps - in Cyprus

Two weeks have flown by. We had visitors in our guest flat, and saw various friends as ever... being an Introvert it's hard for me to think of much else. But I was quite surprised to find that I had not written on this blog for nearly a fortnight.

In that time, we seem to have moved from Summer to the start of Autumn in Cyprus. There have been a couple of short bursts of rain, and the humidity has pretty much gone, making the evenings a great deal more pleasant. We have not used any air conditioning at all for over two weeks now; ceiling fans and open windows are sufficient during the day, and the nights are a great deal cooler anyway. The weather site for Larnaka tells me that the night-time temperature is around 18C, which is still warm enough to sleep with no covering but a light cotton sheet, but cool enough that air conditioning would be counter-productive.

Summer really wasn't too bad this year. We had no major heatwaves, and the threatened power cuts were short-lived. The island now has sufficient generators that there have been no further power outages since early August.

I'm still wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and sandals, but it won't be long before my jeans and trainers come out. I do prefer winter clothing, on the whole, despite the fact that it means more laundry. I'll have to find at least the thin duvet, too. The days are getting shorter - by 6.30 last night I was turning on lights and closing the curtains, and this morning when I woke just before 6.00am it was still dark out.

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