Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out of Cyprus: the building of a bookcase

The reason we flew out of Cyprus when we did and drove to Carlisle was so that Richard and Daniel could spend their joint birthday together. However, we had not actually bought Daniel's present before leaving, hoping we could find something on the Saturday.

Daniel had asked us to bring some of his juggling equipment with us, and also one of his books. But when Richard packed the cases, we were quite a long way under our weight limit. Not wanting to waste weight, so to speak, he decided to bring one or two more of Daniel's books. I chose about four... and then Richard picked out yet more until our suitcases weighed just under the 20kg limit.

I was a little surprised at just how many books we had brought out, when they had all emerged from our cases:

So it seemed like a good plan to buy him a new bookcase for his birthday. The one they have already is a tall Ikea one in a beech style finish. Unfortunately the nearest Ikea is in Liverpool, and we really didn't want to drive that far on a Saturday. Ordering it online would have meant it arriving several days late.

So we looked in Argos, and found a slightly smaller bookcase in a very similar finish, and Daniel said that yes, he would like that.

Then came the problem of where to put it. Several suggestions were proposed, but we eventually thought it would work best next to the living room door. To check the width, and to ensure that the light switch was still reachable, I stood in position with a shelf, on which Daniel put a few books to add to the realism, so that they could check whether it looked right. Richard took this photo on his phone:

Daniel then set to work to assemble the flat-pack bookcase, with me holding the relevant parts in position as needed:

A friend pointed out that this photo looks as if I'm going head-first down a slide. Something I cannot imagine ever wanting to do...

The next part, nailing the back in place, took some time - not helped by the fact that Daniel could not find a hammer, so used a variety of implements before selecting a thick glass jar as the most effective - and it was time to eat before it was finished. So the bookcase leaned against the wall, looking rather sad:

.. and there it stayed, all night.

Sunday morning was the joint birthday, and most of Daniel's other presents were, to his joy, books:

So we turned the bookcase around and finished it, and admired it, and then Daniel put a large number of books in place:

However, we decided that a six-shelf bookcase was perhaps slight overkill for just the Kindle, so Daniel and Becky re-organised their other bookcase a little, in order to decide what might go on the new one:

.. and, as happens when bookcases are assimilated into a household, it wasn't long before the new one was looking completely at home:

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Anvilcloud said...

Someday, maybe he'll have as many as his mother.