Sunday, November 27, 2011

Buying fruit in Cyprus

The cost of living in Cyprus is a lot higher than it used to be. But locally grown fruit is still excellent value, and great quality too. I like to pick up bargains, so I often pop down to Achna Froutaria first thing (well, about 7.30am) on a Saturday morning. I wanted some apples and oranges, primarily for juicing, so was very pleased to see that there were bags of them on the euro aisle. I looked quickly to check that none of them was obviously bad, and picked up one of each.

In the 'pink bag' (reduced, but not ready-bagged) section I spotted some Cyprus bananas - which taste so much better than imported ones, even if they go brown a little more quickly - and some figs.

When I arrived home, a little weighed down by my purchases, I put the euro-bags on the kitchen scales of out curiosity, and also checked the bill.

Rather neatly, I thought, I had managed to buy approximately:

3.5kg oranges
2.5kg apples
1.5kg bananas
0.5kg figs

That's 8kg in all - for a grand total of €3.70.

For those that prefer imperial measurements, 8kg is about 17.5 pounds weight. And for those who think in other currencies, €3.70 is approximately $5 (US dollars), or £3.20 in sterling.

It seems good value to me, anyway. And certainly both healthful and delicious.


Jenni said...

I certainly couldn't purchase that much fruit in Tesco for that price!

Janek said...

Superb fresh fruits. Yami