Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas, one and all (with link to our annual newsletter)

It's been quite a long day. Before 9.00am I made more batches of almond milk, granola, and lemonade because I didn't want to have to do so tomorrow. I put a loaf in the breadmaker for lunch, too. 

Then we went to Metro pick up the turkey we had ordered, and some sausagemeat, and some potatoes and veg... and various other bits and pieces that had appeared on my list. It wasn't anywhere near as crowded as I had expected, so that was good. 

Tim has made two sorts of stuffings, and he and Richard organised the turkey to go into our guest flat oven, to be carved later this evening and re-heated in a roasting pan tomorrow. They've just peeled what looks like half a ton of potatoes, and Tim is preparing other vegetables. 

Meanwhile I've made some bread rolls for tomorrow afternoon, and will do some more mince pies when Tim's finished in the kitchen. One of us will probably make cranberry sauce this evening, and I need to prepare an alternative dessert for those who don't like Christmas pudding. And then clean the kitchen and mop the floors. 

Oh, and I have a few presents to wrap.

It's 7.20pm, and has all felt quite relaxing so far. I don't know why we tend to make such a big thing of Christmas food; I try and simplify as much as possible, and do what I can in advance, but still there seems to be a mammoth amount of preparation. This year Tim will not be playing at any church services, nor going to a midnight one, so we'll just go to a short service at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. I will put a Christmas pudding or two on to steam when I get up; after we get back from the church service, it will be over to Tim to get everything organised so that lunch all comes together for about one o'clock. 

So, since I haven't yet posted one so far this year, here's a photo of the poinsettia we bought a couple of weeks ago:

.. and here's a link to our 2011 Christmas newsletter

Wishing anyone who reads this a peaceful and blessed day, with much love from family and friends, and time to think about the reason we celebrate Christmas.

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Merry Christmas.