Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Enjoying some special visitors

Last Friday evening, we met Daniel and Becky at the airport for their first visit to Cyprus since getting married at the end of April last year. Since we have converted what used to be Daniel's room into Richard's study for his sabbatical, they are sleeping - and breakfasting - in our ground floor guest flat.

Sophia is, of course, very happy that Daniel is here:

However, she seems happy to accept that he sleeps downstairs, and still spends the night on my feet, waking me fairly early in the mornings. She has sat on me once or twice too, something she didn't do at all last time Daniel visited. I feel very honoured.

Naturally, we have already played several games, including Ticket to Ride:

And my small friends were very happy to see Becky again, when they came over yesterday morning:

Last night, Richard was out, so after a fairly quick Ticket to Ride game (which Daniel won by a considerably amount, although I would have done if we'd had just one more round...) we realised that we could play a card game:

Richard will not play card games. Ever.

It's not just Sophia who likes sitting on Daniel. He seems to have a natural affinity for cats. Here he is with Tessie:

I'm sure the time will race past while they're here, but we're very much enjoying having them. And while it's been fairly rainy, and decidedly chilly, at least it's rather warmer than Carlisle where they are usually based.

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