Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cyprus May Day

Somewhat predictably, for Cyprus, it's quite warm today. Around 27-28C in the shade outside, according to the UK Weather site. Then again, that site claims that we're having wall-to-wall sunshine today, which isn't true. The sky, right now, is decidedly grey. I don't think it's going to rain, but it looks as though it could.  The forecast is for a few degrees cooler over the next ten days or so, and that's fine with me. I know that in another month I will probably be feeling uncomfortably hot, and we'll start discussing whether or not we want to use air conditioning at night. Not yet, though. Not before June at the earliest.

I'm still wearing jeans, although I finally gave up wearing fleeces a week or so ago, using instead a very light-weight long-sleeved top; I shed that a couple of days ago. A tee-shirt and jeans is very comfortable; I'm in no hurry to progress to shorts. We still have our medium-weight duvet on the bed, too, although when I change the sheets tomorrow I may think of switching to the light-weight one for a few weeks, before it becomes too hot to use anything but a single sheet on top of us at night.

Today is a public holiday in Cyprus, in a low-key kind of way. Schools and banks are closed, and probably the Post Offices. A lot of shops are shut, too, but not all of them. Bigger supermarkets tend to ignore minor public holidays, and stay open for at least a few hours.  Not that I'd be going anywhere... my foot is still somewhat uncomfortable, and becomes painful if I walk too much. Richard has been driving me even to the local froutaria, which feels very decadent but probably a good idea, since I would very much like my foot to heal as rapidly as possible.

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Chris said...

I'll offer a prayer tonight for the healing of your foot; may it happen soon.