Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another 4k walk around the Salt Lake trail...

In last week's post about Summer in Cyprus, I mentioned in passing that I walked 4km of the Salt Lake trail last Saturday with my friend Sheila. In the interests of accuracy, I should say that it was actually a 2km stretch that we walked - to the Airport Road and back again - but I did, in fact, walk more than that since it's a little over half a kilometre for me to get to the trail - and, afterwards, I went straight to the froutaria since I knew I wouldn't get there later.

I didn't take any photos of this walk, which was enjoyable until my foot - the one where I broke a couple of toes nine weeks previously - started to ache. And I was feeling extremely hot and sweaty by the time I reached home... and, worse, despite mostly walking in shade and wearing a sunhat, I developed a migraine within an hour or so. I took some Solpadeine and was fine later, wondering if I might have done better to take some sunglasses.

I didn't think to take any photos last week, so when I decided to repeat the experience this morning (Sheila regularly walks at least 8km first thing, but I'm not that ambitious...) I started out, having reached the trail, by taking a picture:

(It looks a bit fuzzy in this size, but if you click on the photo the enlarged size is much clearer) 

We didn't get very close to the lake, and I forgot about taking any more, but it does at least show that it's still pretty full of water after the wet winter we've had in Cyprus. Sometimes it dries up completely by about May.

We walked the same path - it's shadier than going in the other direction, but it was getting quite hot by the time we returned to the entrance shortly before 8.00am. Sheila had walked 8km before I joined her, so did at least 13km today. Five total (including getting there and back) was more than sufficient for me, but I was very pleased that my toes did not bother me at all. Not even the slightest discomfort. Tomorrow it will be ten weeks since I broke them, and I was beginning to wonder if they would ever be completely better. I'm very pleased that they are.

I was, again, extremely hot and sticky by the time I got home; I had breakfast and plenty of cold drinks, then got in a cool shower. I've been using the air conditioning too, but despite all that (and despite remembering sunglasses) I started another migraine. I never have coped well with getting over-heated - this is the main reason I don't go sailing with Richard. Still, heat-related migraines do seem to pass fairly quickly, unlike the ones brought on by eating anything containing MSG or equivalent.

Now that July is about to start, with - pretty much - guaranteed heat and humidity for at least a couple of months, I'm very thankful for a relatively cool house, and that shops etc open early enough that I can usually be home well before 8.00 if I must go out.

I don't think I'll be taking any more walks, for the sake of walking, until the Summer has passed. Still, it was nice to be out and very encouraging to feel that my toes are better at last.

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