Monday, June 04, 2012

Early stages of Summer in Cyprus...

So.. a few weeks ago, I switched to our thin duvet at night.

Then, we started using the ceiling fans a little in the evening.

Then I started making sure I did any household chores/cleaning and shopping first thing in the morning - before about 8.00am if possible, while it was still pleasantly cool.

Then I started keeping my study door open and the ceiling fan on, most of the day.

On Friday I cleaned the air conditioners.

On Saturday, I made our first smoothies of the year:

Watermelon, peach and pineapple. A slightly odd combination, but it worked and they were very refreshing.

On Sunday, I found our frappé maker, gave it a quick wipe, and put it out in the kitchen to use over the next few months:

I had my first frappé too:

I felt hot on Sunday. I was out late morning for the first time in a while, at a group baptism including our young friend Marie... only half an hour or so in the sun, but I felt quite migrainey later.

Still, the sky was blue and I think the sea is beginning to warm up.

In the evening we went to the end of Jacob's 13th birthday party, and stayed on for a game.

Today is a public holiday, for Greek Orthodox Pentecost Monday, also known as Kataklysmos. Richard is out sailing, and I'm having a peaceful day on my own at home. 

Oh, and I finally put on some shorts today. For the first time this year.

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lilegyptiangoddess said...

I've started to make my lovely frappes as well. The hot afternoons seem to call out for them I think.