Monday, July 23, 2012

Two restaurants in Larnaka

Last week was quite a social one for us, with something happening every evening. Monday we played a (Settlers of Catan) game with two of our friends; Tuesday evening two other friends came over for a meal and a couple of (Rummikub) games.

Then we ate out on both Wednesday and Thursday. Two evenings in a row. This is almost unheard of in our household, where we typically pay to eat out three or four times per year at most. We're also sometimes treated to meals at restaurants by friends, which is very pleasant, but unless we have a lot of visitors staying that's not very often either.

One occasion when we always try to eat out is our anniversary, which fell last Thursday. Last year we had Tim with us, the year before Daniel... but this time, with both sons in the UK, we decided to have an evening with just the two of us, to celebrate thirty-two years of married life.

However, Thursday also happens to be Richard's sailing buddy's birthday. Just to confuse us (and it regularly does...) he's also called Tim. We worked out that we were married on his 21st birthday, although of course that was many years before he and Richard met. Tim and his wife wanted to celebrate both occasions with us, so they generously asked us out for a meal. They chose Militzes, a restaurant on the sea-front beyond the fort, where we've been a couple of other times with friends:

Since it's Summer, the place was open and we sat at a table for four near the street. Portions are usually quite big, so our friends suggested we begin with a salad, then continue by sharing some pourgouri and three 'main' dishes: chicken, kleftiko and some mixed beans.

The beans were good, and the kleftiko was wonderful... I'm not usually a huge fan of this traditional lamb dish, but it was extremely tender and tasty.

It was a very enjoyable evening out.

On our anniversary, we had considered trying a new Mexican restaurant we had spotted recently. But on the day, Richard said that he really felt like eating fish and chips... and preferably the ones served at Alexander's. So, as we have so many times before, we went to this relatively inexpensive and popular place:

While other restaurants in the area are often almost empty until at least 8.00pm, Alexander's always seems to have customers.

I pondered the vegetarian moussaka which I've had several times before, and like very much, but then realised that fish and chips actually sounded quite appealing. So I ordered that too.

How very British of us...

We enjoyed the meal very much:

Afterwards, as is usual at Alexander's, we were asked if we wanted anything 'on the house' - they offer coffee, ouzo, brandy, ice cream, and various other possibilities. Richard had some decaf coffee, and I opted for ice cream:

Then we went for a walk along the sea-front, and came home to watch a DVD which seemed appropriate for the occasion, and which we both enjoyed: the Steve Martin version of 'Father of the Bride'.

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Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations on your anniversary.

We also quite enjoy fish and chips and seem to have finally found a good place in this area. It only took 7 years.