Friday, November 02, 2012

A little cooler in Cyprus

When I woke this morning, before it was light, there was a decided chill in the air. Well, compared to recent days, anyway. And when it became lighter, the sky was - unusually - not blue at all, but various shades of grey:

I didn't take my shower until nearly 9.00am, but due to lack of sunshine, the water was only tepid.  Not unbearably chilly, but not such as encouraged me to take a long and leisurely shower. 

I then decided that it was cool enough for jeans, rather than shorts, for the first time in several months:

Richard has been wearing long trousers for a couple of weeks now, but he considers anything under about 25C to be 'cold'.   It was actually about 27C today, but without any sunshine it didn't feel hot at all. 

It would be nice to have some more rain, but none is forecast. 

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