Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sunrise on Thanksgiving... and bountiful vegetables

It was almost exactly at 7.00am this morning, on my regular walk with my friend Sheila, that I caught this sunrise: 

7.00am Cyprus time is, as far as we could tell, midnight in the furthest ahead (time-wise) States of the US. So, Thanksgiving was, technically, just starting at that moment. 

After the walk, I went to the fruitaria to pick up a few more fruits and veggies.  We celebrated Thanksgiving for the past two years with our American friends Mark and Joan, but suggested they come to us this year. Along with some other mutual (British) friends.  Joan told me that one of the highlights of Thanksgiving for her was doing at least some cooking, and she's certainly produced a feast in the past... so she asked me if I would please allow her to buy and cook at least one or two items. She then told me she was bringing meat, devilled eggs, and a pie. 

So... all that leaves is, basically, some veggies for me to cook.. right? 

I took a look at the previous years' photos, and saw that there were quite a few veggies. I queried butternut squash, not something I have ever cooked. I might have bought one to experiment, but there were only two pieces at the fruitaria, and they looked very tired and manky... so I didn't. I had bought a few things earlier in the week, but when I piled all the veggies for tonight on the counter, it seemed like a little too much for just six people:

Still, some of the salad veg will be for a salad for tomorrow night's cell group, so I won't use ALL those  items.  

Joan had mentioned that they sometimes have dinner rolls. I'm not entirely sure what those are, but it was easy enough to throw some ingredients into the breadmaker after lunch, and put it on dough setting. I then divided the dough into 24, put it on little muffin pans to shape and rise... and they should be ready to cook around the time I finish this post. 

I saw that Joan made stuffing one year. We usually put stuffing inside a roast bird, but with just six of us, it's turkey breast, and not being cooked here anyway. But I do like our son's mushroom-and-lemon stuffing, so I made a batch and will bake it in the oven later on: 

I couldn't find any fresh cranberries - I suppose they won't appear until about mid-December, but we did have some dried ones. So I found a recipe to make cranberry sauce from those. It won't be quite the same, but I hope it tastes reasonably good: 

In recognition of it being Cyprus,  also bought some halloumi to fry, and some feta to put on the salad: 

I've thawed some frozen stewed plums, and made some fresh yogurt, and put some dried fruit on a platter. 

So, as far as it goes, I'm well prepared. I've made a list, and figured out where everything will go while cooking, but it seems to me that everything's going to happen pretty much in the last hour before our guests arrive.  I did very little this morning, and only about half an hour of preparation in total after lunch. 

I suppose I should go and make the salad, and cut up at least some of the vegetables... 

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