Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas 2012

So, it's Christmas Eve. For anyone wanting to read about our year in a nutshell, here's a link to this year's Christmas Newsletter on our family site.

The cake is, at last, iced:

..although I had begun to wonder if my home-made marzipan would ever dry out. And there was a near disaster when a packet of cornflour, which looked almost EXACTLY like a packet of icing sugar, was accidentally used in the first batch of - well, royal cornflour, I suppose. Happily we had another packet. 

Gifts are wrapped:

...although, as ever, the Cyprus post has been rather slow and not everything has arrived. But that's okay. We don't mind if the Christmas season lasts a bit longer! 

Another batch of mince pies is made: 

... by Tim. Usually I make all our mince pies, but yesterday afternoon I developed a short-lived tummy bug, and although I'm over that now, I feel decidedly fragile and rather weak.  Richard had the tummy bug overnight, and has not got up today.

The stuffed turkey is in the oven, to be carved tonight, re-heated tomorrow.

... however, we had to ask a friend to drive Tim and me to Metro to pick up our turkey, as Richard was unable to get out of bed.  Then we found that they had run out of sausagemeat, although they had assured us that they did not need to be ordered. At least they said they had run out... until I was quite assertive in a way that does not come naturally to me, and somehow they managed to find some... which had been ordered by someone else! I could hardly refuse to accept it at that point.

So, all in all, it's been quite an 'interesting' day. We hope that tomorrow will be rather less so...

Happy Christmas!

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Anvilcloud said...

Bugs here too. Mine seems to be cold, throat and cough, but some are heaving. Here's to a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year.