Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another day, another Salt Lake walk

Life is a bit chilly in Cyprus at present, although nowhere near as cold as the UK has been in the past few days. We've had snow in the mountains, which is always good from the reservoir point of view, but thankfully none at coast level. At least, none in Larnaka and nothing significant anywhere else; we did have quite a cold spell a couple of weeks ago when there were apparently a few flakes of snow in Agia Napa. 

I have continued - mostly - my three-times-a-week walks with my friend Sheila, usually doing 4km to the aqueduct and back, plus about 500m each way to the trail from our house. We generally complete this in about 45 minutes, and I no longer feel out of breath, so I hope I'm a bit fitter than I was when I first started walking the Salt Lake trail nearly four months ago. 

I did miss a day not long ago when it was very cold and I woke late; Sheila told me later that there was ice on some of the puddles. Thankfully it's much milder now; daytime temperatures are hitting about 16-18C in the shade, and it's only down to about 11-12C overnight. 

The dew on some of the plants looked almost as if it could have been ice, if it had been a bit colder... and there were some stunning dew-covered spiders' webs:  

To see it in more detail, just click on the image and a larger version should appear.

I glanced over to the lake, which is looking quite full now, and realised again just how green everywhere is after just a couple of months of rain: 

This morning we had a bit more time than we've had recently, and I was feeling energetic despite still having a lingering cough. So we walked the full 8km of the local route, making 9km in all. We made it in an hour and a half, almost exactly, so that's a steady 6km per hour. Not fast, but not too bad, I hope. 

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