Monday, March 04, 2013

Achna fruit stall, revisited...

Although good friends with abundant lemon trees have been generous in giving us bags of lemons over the past few months, we were just about running out. With our colds and coughs we have been drinking a lot of hot honey and lemon, and I had frozen lots of 'lemon cubes' in ice cube trays, for times when we need just a tablespoon or two of lemon juice and don't have a fresh one handy. 

Richard had almost finished the last bottle of our current batch of lemonade, and although I had frozen some peel and juice, I wanted to keep that for the summer. 

So we took the car to the fruit stall where crates of produce are on offer for low prices.  

We bought 4kg oranges (enough for early morning juice for the next week or so):

3kg potatoes (which should last us a couple of weeks at least):

6kg lemons (which made 3 litres of lemonade, and 48 'lemon cubes', and still left about ten lemons for hot drinks):

3kg bananas (I dehydrated 20 of them on Saturday, as we very much like dried bananas):

and 3kg carrots (which will probably also last us about two weeks):

While I doubt if any of this produce is organic, the fruit is certainly unwaxed and it's all likely to be locally grown.  

The price of the 19kg fruit and veg which we bought? 

 €10. Total. 

(For British and American readers, according to Google that's £8.63 in sterling, or $13 US)

It's not as great value as the fruit we bought there in the Autumn, but it seems pretty reasonable to me. 

Some things are very expensive in Cyprus, but I'm happy that great quality fruit and vegetables are still very affordable. 

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