Thursday, November 14, 2013

Different spelling, different forecast...

From time to time I check the weather forecast on the site calling itself 'The Weather Site'. It's UK based but gives reasonable forecasts that are usually fairly accurate for any city around the world. We're having visitors for the next ten days, and it's stayed warmer than usual for the time of year, so I wondered if it was expected to continue. I took a look at the weather site today, and without thinking, typed in 'Larnaka', which is the way we usually spell our town.

A forecast appeared, and when I asked for the month view, it showed me one.. but, mysteriously, did not show me the actual recorded temperatures for the earlier part of November. I realised that I have previously asked for Larnaca (with a 'c') so I typed that in. Sure enough, the month view showed me the temperatures for the earlier part of the month.

Then I noticed that this wasn't the only difference (you may have to click the image to be able to read the text):

The changes aren't vast - just a degree or so most days - but I was particularly struck by the fact that rain is forecast next Thursday in Larnaka, but not, apparently, in Larnaca...

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