Thursday, June 12, 2014

Annual post about the approach of Summer

Every year, I am convinced that Summer in Cyprus will be here with a vengeance by the start of June. I have memories of 'holding out' until the end of May before using our air conditioners at night. I'm not entirely sure why I have this impression; last year at the end of June I wrote that Summer had arrived only ten days earlier. In 2012, too, we didn't clean our air conditioners until the start of June, and Summer was a week or two away. As had happened, apparently, in 2011 as well.

Nevertheless, I've very much appreciated relative coolness during May and the first third of June. I don't think the daytime temperature has risen above about 28C and some days it's still a comfortable 24-25. Certainly not hot enough for air conditioning, and without any humidity, at least so far.

I'm still walking three times a week with my friend Sheila, setting out about 5.45am usually, or a little later, and not attempting more than 4km of the trail. On Tuesday I noticed some attractive summer flowers so I took my camera with me this morning. There was some white bougainvillea:

This pink shrub, which I've noted before: 

And this rather stunning yellow plant, which my little camera can't really capture: 

Unsurprisingly, the Salt Lake is rapidly emptying; it's been quite dry this year and the reservoirs are nowhere near as full as they were last year. 

Richard and I are flying to the UK at the end of next week to see our family and meet our new grandson, so I'm now wondering if we'll manage to escape the start of summer entirely.  The forecast is for slightly hotter weather next week - maybe 28C in the shade - but no more.

Having said that, I switched to wearing shorts rather than jeans a couple of weeks ago, and abandoned any jacket or sweatshirt, however light. We're using fans at night, and also ceiling fans (somewhat) during the day. But we still have a light duvet on the bed, and I haven't felt any urge to switch on the air conditioners, even though we did the annual cleaning a couple of weeks ago.

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