Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Busy week

My brother and his wife have been staying, and the week has rushed past. They did go away for a couple of days to the mountains beyond Paphos, where they said it rained rather a lot and they got extremely muddy! However the predicted rain in Larnaka didn't materialise, and they were able to get out and about to the town several times, and visited a museum.

On Saturday night was the premiere of the English version of 'Fairytaleheart', the latest play by Antidote Theatre so we all went. It's a teenage play with only two characters, plus three musicians who are off stage but just visible behind a screen. Daniel is one of the musicians, playing clarinet. It went very well and we all enjoyed it - I was surprised that an hour and a half of dialogue could be so engrossing, but it certainly was. There were some quite young children there despite it being at 8.00pm and they too watched and were absorbed by it.

Monday was a public holiday for 'Green Monday', the first day of Lent in the Greek Orthodox and Eastern tradition. They use a different calendar to calculate Easter than we use in the UK, and while the two sometimes coincide, this year the Western Easter is five weeks ahead of the Eastern one. Since Cyprus is mainly Greek Orthodox, naturally their dates are used as holidays, although the Protestant churches celebrate the Western Easter. I'm wondering if there will be any chocolate Easter eggs in the shops in time for Easter on March 27th... there weren't on Saturday.

On Monday evening my brother took us all out for a meal at the Art Cafe, a small and very friendly restaurant on a side-street near the sea-front. We went early, to avoid the cigarettes (many Cypriots smoke at meals, and restaurants don't have no-smoking areas) and had an excellent time.


psuche said...

Last year I went to Cyprus and visited Nicosia. I really enjoyed it there. I haven't read your other site but it sounds like you are in Larnaca. How do you like living in Cyprus as a foreigner full time?

Sue said...

Yes, we're in Larnaka. I've added that to my profile now. Living here as a foreigner isn't a problem as there are so many ex-pats. We're made welcome most of the time, and it feels like home.