Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Last night we went to look at ceiling fans. The Kleima showroom was still open at 7pm, although we had to navigate - probably illegally - around a real mess of roadworks to get there. Unfortunately we couldn't find any boxes with fans in them, so we had to squint up at the various types which were running on the ceiling of the shop. We couldn't find the very inexpensive ones anywhere. We did see some at twice that price - still good value - but they didn't appear to have any kind of cord attached. Does that mean they can only be on (lights and fan) or off? If so, that's no good. We would want to use the fan only overnight in the summer, and the light only in the evening in the winter.

Then there were others at £24.99, same price as last year. Considerably less than an airconditioner, of course, but we've managed without ceiling fans for seven years now, so we didn't get any. Although comments on yesterday's post have made me think that perhaps we should go back and have another look, at least for the bedrooms.

We went to Orphanides, the big supermarket with two floors upstairs containing clothes, linens, electricals, toys, and so on. We're going to need some new sheets soon - ours were second-hand eight years ago. I measured all the beds, because last time we were in that store we saw various types of sheet on special offer, but didn't know what sizes we needed. With fitted sheets, it's important to know!

Unfortunately we didn't find any suitable sheets. Either the sizes were wrong, or we didn't like the colours and patterns, or they weren't poly-cotton. It's vital to have sheets that can just be folded straight from the line. I do as little ironing as possible - perhaps twice a year.

However we did find some good-sized bath towels on special offer. We don't have a huge number of towels, and they're rather small - particularly now the boys are so big. We had a slight haitus when we picked up the colours we liked best, only to discover that there were several different styles of towel all in the same row, but only one style was on offer. However after checking at the till, we returned and found four colours which weren't too bad. Tim was very pleased when he got home, as he's been finding our old towels much too small.

There weren't any ceiling fans at Orphanides, so we didn't buy anything we intended to. But at least we have four new towels, which as I type are hanging out drying in the sunshine after their initial wash.

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Anonymous said...

Sue, you'll never regret spending £25 on a ceiling-fan - trust me! :~)
- Deb W