Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold and wet in Cyprus, but the cats stay warm

For the first time this winter, it's been chilly this week. Not as bad as the UK, I'm glad to say, but really quite cold for Cyprus. Down to about 3 or 4C overnight, and no more than around 10 or 11 during the daytime. On Monday I walked to the PO Box wearing my warm jacket on top of a sweatshirt - the first time I've worn it since last winter. I thought i would be over-hot by the time I got home, after a couple of miles of walking. But I wasn't. I wasn't cold any more... but I didn't want to take my jacket off until I was home. Tuesday, if anything, was colder. The sun shone, which was cheering after last week's rain, but it was decidedly not warm.

Yesterday it was so cold that we even ran the heating during the daytime, something we very rarely do. The cats found what was probably the warmest place in the house... and despite Sophia and Tessie not liking each other, they managed to share my beanbag in relative peace:

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