Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Long and Detailed Post about a 'Typical' Day.... part 1

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day. Sometimes I wonder myself! Time rushes by and it doesn't seem as if I actually get much done. Today when I woke up I couldn't think of a single thing I planned to do (other than the usual making and clearing up from meals) so I decided to log every last detail of the day, just to see where the time goes. Do I really spend far too long online? Do I waste my hours?

This will be a long, long post which I'm writing on paper and off-line through the day (Wednesday March 30th) before posting the following morning. It will be full of minute detail so probably excessively boring. But if anyone really wants to know what a fairly typical day is for me... this is about as close as it gets. If anyone actually enjoys reading this, and is interested in other seasons too, I did something similar at the end of June last year and posted it as 'A Day in the Life' at the Ciao UK site.

7.00am - I woke up. Drifted a bit as I realised I had no particular reason to get up at that time, and eventually got out of bed about 7.20. Immediately Sophia, our noisiest cat, informed me that their food bowl was empty so I put some food in. They eat dry food only - recommended by the vet, and certainly much pleasanter and more convenient (not to mention cheaper!) than using cans. I also filled up their water bowl, then put on the kettle. I noticed that some of our drinking water bottles were empty so I filled them up from the filtered mains water. Recently we've had a couple of days where the mains has gone off mid-morning so I'm trying to remember to keep the six water bottles filled.

I went to the loo, and splashed my face with cold water to wake me up a bit, then made some instant coffee and went to sit in the study. Cleo, our oldest and most nervous cat, came to join me and sat on my lap purring and nuzzling for about ten minutes while I sipped my coffee and thought and half-prayed. I read a chapter of one of the new books, 'Finding God in Unexpected Places' by Philip Yancy and thought about that for a while, then read some of the Bible and the devotional notes with 'Every Day with Jesus', and prayed/thought/meditated a bit more.

Suddenly I remembered that Dan was supposed to be at the theatre by 9.30 so I went to check a clock - and found it was 8.30, so still plenty of time.

8.30 - Decided that as the water wasn't all that hot, and at least two of us would be having showers this morning, I'd put the water heater on. Most of hot water is heated by the solar panels, but with a cloudy day I knew they wouldn't be very effective.

I washed and squeezed six oranges in the food processor, making just over 600ml - enough for four glasses of juice. Took one to Richard who was still asleep, and one to Dan, reminding him that he needed to be at the theatre. Tim doesn't like his juice in bed, but does like it strained so we use a tea-strainer to get the 'bits' out of his juice. I drank my juice and put away last night's washing up, then washed up about eight glasses which had mysteriously appeared in the sink overnight.

I gathered up dirty clothes from the laundry basket, and a few from Dan's floor and the end of Tim's bed, and put on a load of laundry. Rain is predicted for the end of the week so I want to make sure I'm fairly well caught up with the washing. Today it's a bit overcast but the sun shines through every so often... quite pleasant, actually.

I went around the house opening shutters and curtains, and opened the windows in the kitchen as the orange tree is outside and is currently in blossom. I love that scent!! Went to check the time again and found to my amazement it was already 9.00. Dan had got out of bed and was making himself breakfast so I went to find some clean clothes for myself.

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