Monday, April 11, 2005

Getting warm

I keep hearing about snow in the UK, but here in Cyprus it's starting to get distinctly warm. This morning was the first day this year when I didn't even put on a sweatshirt after my shower - and haven't felt the slightest bit chilly. If only it would stay like this all summer!

I keep an eye on the weather in our town at the site - bizarrely it says that today's maximum temperature is 24C, but that it's currently 27C. Hmm. I would have thought the maximum would automatically get updated when the actual temp is higher! No wonder it feels a little over-warm today, although our house is very pleasant - it almost always feels cooler than outside. Several of the windows are open and there's a gentle breeze.

Tim says he's going to cut the grass in the back garden this afternoon. It does look as if it needs doing - unfortunately it has to be done about once a week at this time of year. Its growth slows down when summer starts (June) and then eventually it gets brown and stops looking like grass at all until after the first rains in the Autumn. We tried using a sprinkler on it a couple of years ago, and some of it stayed green longer than usual - but it took up masses of water, and was such a nuisance to keep remembering. And then the bits that stayed green kept growing, so we had to keep mowing. This year I don't think we'll bother though of course I'll keep watering the trees through the hot months.

The weather site tells me it's going to rain on Thursday and Friday this week, which would be good. But I'll believe it when I see it...

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