Monday, April 11, 2005

Site counter

I love getting comments on this blog, but there aren't a huge number... so I began to wonder if anyone else was actually reading it. I just updated my Geocities family site with journal pages for January to March this year (oops! Behind again...) and included some links to this blog. Actually the March page was stolen from parts of the blog..

I realised that I do like checking the stats at my family site, and seeing that every month at least forty or so visitors have a look at what I've written. So I searched for a suitable hit-counter for blogs and discovered BlogPatrol. Very easy indeed - I just registered, copied the code into my blog template (in the 'footer' section) and it all worked.

It was so easy I did the same for my book reviews blog - nobody's commented on any of that, so I've had no idea if anyone's reading it.


Joyce said...

Hi - well, I'm reading it :-) I'm in Scotland, and yes, it's snowing.

Chris F said...

sorry not commented, but dip in and ou. helen in uk. im on mudpud blogring like joyce.
i like seeing what others doing. my dd only 4, so pre-official

Jenni said...

Hey Sue - just letting you know that you're bookmarked and I'm reading now - although I probably won't comment much, if it all... but at least you know I'm lurking in the background somewhere. Getting hits on your website and blog is nice, isn't it? JJ x (one of d & t's HE friends)

Anonymous said...

Hi sue i am here reading your blog
well as of 24 july 2005.
Me (steve) & my wife (louise) will be moveing to cyprus in sep so finding your blog a good start so keep it going as we are here looking in.

steve & louise