Thursday, April 07, 2005


Finding clothes in Cyprus is quite a chance adventure sometimes. In previous years we used to buy all the clothes we thought we would need in the UK on our visits back there, as they were cheaper and more widely available. But last year we didn't go back at all, and although Daniel hasn't grown much, Tim has. The problem is that Tim is considerably thinner than the average Cypriot teenager of his age and height. So he was wearing an old pair of jeans (waist 30 inches) with a belt to stop them falling down... but in the past couple of months they've looked distinctly short. They claim to be 32 inch legs. I don't know why jeans can't be metric like everything else!

We went to Orphanides on Monday, actually looking for other things such as socks, and discovered that although it's not advertised, they seem to be having a sale of previous stock. There was an odd selection, including some jeans with the choice of either waist 30 inches or waist 40 inches! They all had length 33 inches so Tim tried some on and they were exactly right. Well... large on the waist, but he's used to that. It doesn't appear to be possible to get jeans with smaller waist size then 30 inches other than for children, and they're not expected to have long legs.

So Tim now has two pairs of jeans that fit. Unfortunately we didn't manage to find him any trainers (which he will need soon) or any for me either. Our favourite shoe shop, the Shoe Emporium, has moved to rather grand premises and their stock has gone up-market too with a lot of uncomfortable-looking fashionable shoes, and very few trainers.

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