Tuesday, April 19, 2005

St Lazarus and Lights

In case anyone's wondering what was behind the tree, it was the famous St Lazarus Church where (reputedly) the bones of Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha, were held before the invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Here's a view of it without the obscuring tree.

As I walked back along the main shopping street, I noticed a small lorry with a crane, and men doing something to the lights. Not the ordinary street lights, but the Christmas lights which have been up since late last year. Were they finally taking them down, I wondered? But if so, why were they all switched on - particularly as it was broad daylight?

Then I realised they weren't taking them down at all, they were replacing dead bulbs with working ones. Looks like these lights will be staying all year, then... Posted by Hello


Jan said...

What have they done with the bones since 1974 then?

Sue said...

Ah, interesting question. And after doing further research, it seems I've got the details wrong. Or had heard only one of the legends, since there seem to be many. Lazarus' bones may still be here. Or some of them may. Or they may be lost, or buried elsewhere. Nobody seems entirely certain. I'll have to find out more and perhaps blog about it in future.

Lora said...

How beautiful! One thing that I'm quite envious of Europeans for is the wonderful architecture and history that surrounds them.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Found it through INFJ Christians. Are you familiar with Gretchen Wilson and her Redneck Woman song that has hit the charts? There is a line in her song about keeping her Christmas lights on all year round.

Wow! Cyprus. It sounds so exotic. I have not done any out of the country traveling in so many years. I miss it.