Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Downtown Larnaka

Dan had to be up early this morning for a theatre performance, so I decided to go out at about 8am to the Post Office. We don't get mail delivered to our house - we do have an American style box on one of our gates but it's not very secure. So we pay the grand total of £18 per year for a secure box at the Post Office downtown. It's about 2km away, I suppose, so a pleasant walk, but now the weather's getting warmer I prefer to go first thing. Last time Richard went there was a slip saying there was a parcel too big for the box, so I had to go inside to collect it.

As I came out of the PO I was struck by this amazing tree blossoming in gorgeous colour directly over the road. It was quite sunny so the colours in the photo don't look as stunning as they did at the time. One day I'll work out when I should adjust the various settings!  Posted by Hello

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