Thursday, May 19, 2005

Adventurous kittens


Late morning Tim and I were in the kitchen. I was preparing some more kitten food and Tim was making some egg mayonnaise for lunch. We were talking, as you do...

I went to the back door with the kitty food, and heard a little mew. I looked down, and there on the TOP step (of about six biggish concrete steps) was the tabby kitten, who seems to be by far the most adventurous. At the bottom of the steps were two more kittens, and the rest were half-way across the patio towards the steps.


I knew we might have problems keeping the kittens outside when they got bigger, but I didn't expect it at four-and-a-half weeks, assuming that's what they are.

Of course they followed me back to the little side bit of garden where they've been living up to now, and had their food, and played a bit, then went to sleep. We then shut the back door although we usually leave it open all day during the summer.

But later on I went to hang out some laundry. I didn't want to open the back door, as I thought the kittens might hear me, so I piled it all into a tub, and went out the FRONT door so I could creep round the side of the house unseen.

No such luck.. one of the kittens spotted me, and before I knew what was happening all seven of them were around my feet. Trying to hang out laundry without stepping on seven fast-moving objects, of whom some are trying to climb up your jeans, is not recommended as a fun activity!

It was actually very warm today, much more so than yesterday. The forecast had been for continued 27C in the sun [80-ish F] but I was sure it was more than that. And when I checked the forecast early afternoon, it told me it was in fact 32C, which I suppose is about 90F. Definitely on the warm side for me, and I should really have moved into shorts by now, but the thought of twenty-eight sets of little claws on bare ankles is not very appealing somehow...


Lora said...

At least their claws are sharp and thick yet. You are truely making me want some kittens. I consider myself a cat person. I grew up with them, but it turns out I'm allergic. At some point I'm just going to get some and suffer through until my body readapts.

Jenni said...

This is more a comment/reply to the comment that lora left. If you get a cat, you'll probably be ill from the allergies for a while - but after a certain amount of time your body will become immune to that particular animal and it's fur, and having it around won't be a problem. Same happened with my Mother - she's allergic to fur, but we have one cat and Mums not bothered by her, it's cool.

Sue said...

I don't think we could be without a cat, but then we're all cat people. We've found that some supposedly allergic people don't have a problem with ours, possibly because of having marble floors rather than fitted carpets most places. I'm sure some cats are worse than others from the allergy point of view too. But yes, a gradual adaptation can reduce the allergies, as can taking extra vitamin C to counteract some of the problems.