Saturday, May 21, 2005

Summer arrives

For three days now it's felt over-warm. I'm wearing very light cotton trousers now rather than jeans (other than when feeding the feral kittens!) and suddenly everything takes a huge amount of effort. Even simple tasks like washing dishes become draining. It's not particularly humid yet, but standing over a sink of hot water is just as bad. Vacuuming, never my favourite chore, is exhausting. Bringing in laundry takes twice as long, and that's not just because of the possibility of stepping on seven tiny little fast-moving kittens!

The weather site tells me it's 30C [86F] today with only 29% humidity. The sunshine is a bit hazy so it's not really too hot anywhere, but somehow it's very tiring. Alas, it heralds the start of at least four months of similar weather, which will only get hotter and more humid before it gets better again.

A couple of weeks ago Richard moved the electric heaters up to the little loft space above the bathroom, and brought down the electric fans which we had stored up there over the winter. We didn't think we would need them for a while! But Tim has already started using his overnight, and it won't be long before we're running them all. Then we'll have to think about starting up the air conditioning during the daytime. We only have one unit, in the living/dining room, and run it at 28C [82F] but as it also reduces humidity, it makes a huge difference. We'll have to move my computer into the dining room too; the boys' one is there already. We've learned from bitter experience that over about 30C computers simply don't function reliably.

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