Monday, May 30, 2005


We've had some visitors for a long weekend, which has been great. They're friends we've known for years, who go to our church in the UK. Their two sons are a little younger than ours, but the four of them seem to get on quite well. Our friends' younger son was captivated by the feral kittens and spent many hours outside playing with them.

They were only with us for the weekend, plus this morning, because the only reasonable flights they could find were to Paphos rather than Larnaka - and inclusive of a hotel apartment. So they arrived in Paphos on Thursday and rented a car to drive here Saturday morning. Mostly we just talked... it's so good to catch up on news.

The weather has been incredibly cool for the end of May. Today it's only about 25C. There have been grey clouds overhead since lunchtime, and there were even a few drops of rain about an hour ago. Our friends said they drove through a thunderstorm and quite a bit of rain on Saturday, when they were near Limassol. Amazing! Usually there's no rain after the end of April, and we're starting to use the air conditioning by the end of May. But other than about three days earlier in the month when the temps got to 30 or more, it's been extremely pleasant. Long may it last!

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