Thursday, June 16, 2005


I woke about 5am today which was really too early, but I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up at 5.30. Actually it's quite nice to have plenty of time to myself first thing in the morning when it's still cool. I had to wake Dan at 7am as he was leaving at 8 o'clock for a theatre performance in Nicosia, then I went to feed the kitties outside, and spent an hour or so weeding. It's amazing how the weeds continue to grow even without any rain.

During the morning I made some more lemonade, as we'd run out. I had to pick a few more lemons - we don't have many left on our trees so I bought some last Friday at the supermarket, but two or three of them had gone mouldy. I used the rake to pull them off the trees! I also made some more yogurt after I'd hung out a load of laundry. The yogurt-maker sits on the washing machine and shares its power socket, as does the steamer, since one of the problems with Cyprus is a distinct lack of sockets! We only have two in the kitchen. The other one powers the fridge, microwave, food processor, coffee machine, and lighting mechanism for the gas oven! Then its multi-way adaptor has one free hole which is used by the hand mixer and/or ice-cream maker and/or kettle and/or coffee grinder, depending on which is needed.

This evening after feeding the kittens I got the lawnmower out and did about three-quarters of the back garden. There's still a bit of grass here and there, and a lot of weeds which look much better when cut short. It wasn't too hot as the sun wasn't on the garden by then, but it was still quite tiring. Thankfully the kittens are frightened of the lawn-mower so they all rush to hide when it comes out, otherwise it would be quite a problem if they tried to get underfoot.

Richard and Tim had gone to the office to finish some wiring after supper. They got back about 8.15pm just as it was getting dark, and I was feeling I had done enough lawnmowing. So we sat and played with the kittens for a bit, then came in. One thing I miss about England is the long, light evenings; it's almost midsummer's day yet it's totally dark by about 8.30pm here.

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