Thursday, July 28, 2005

Family blogging

The boys have both had blogs for a while, now, although they haven't used them much. Daniel started one to go along with his woodwind repair career, but although he keeps notes about the clarinets he's repaired, he didn't keep up-to-date on the blog. Maybe when he gets back, he will.

On the other hand, his Doulos blog is getting a lot of updates. Email was very slow at first, from Tanzania and then from Mozambique, but recently it's been arriving the day after it was sent. Perhaps someone fixed some problem somewhere. For some reason my blogrolling list doesn't ever seem to list Dan's blog as updated, but it has been several times. He's about half-way through his STEP program now, getting to the stage where he's definitely missing a lot of the food we have here in Cyprus - such as lots of fruit and cheese, and pasta.

Tim has been a team member on various blogs, but his most recent one is a Photo blog. Only two pictures so far, but when we get our new digital camera, I hope he'll keep it up to date.

Last night Richard decided he should join in too, so he's also started a blog, called 'I won't be long'. It's to be a day-to-day explanation of what he actually does. People often ask him, and it's hard to remember sometimes. Lots of media stuff, much of it technical. Now at last maybe I'll find out exactly how he spends his time at the office!

As for me, I'm slowly increasing my number of blogs, though I'm not sure I'll keep them all up. I prefer to have them subject-related. My most recent addition is one to do Internet quizzes and questionnaires - so many get passed around, and I didn't want them in this blog. I may start a blog for recipes once Summer's over and I get back to proper cooking again. And I'm keeping up my book reviews blog - so far I've apparently read 50 books this year.

PS The cats aren't telling us where they keep their blogs... we think they must spend most of the night online since they sleep all day at present.


Heather said...

Wow - I just dropped by your book review blog, and I'm impressed! I read alot, so I'll probably peruse it next time I'm looking for a good book. I was just thinking the other day how it's odd that, though I have a degree in Literature, I'm really not very good at reviewing books. "Amazing - you gotta get it", "Good", "kinda disappointing", "not worth reading", pretty much sums up my reviewing capacity.

jj said...

Good idea about the quizzes blog! I'm going to take a look and do some of the quizzes myself =D

Blogging is fun. I've got a few... my photo blog doesn't get updated so much but the others do

Lora said...

Very neat to see Richard's blog. He has such a different writing style and I love the idea of Quizes and Questionnaires I love these things, but it takes restraint not to post them all.