Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I love jigsaws.

No, not the electric power-tools, jigsaw puzzles. We've developed a tradition since living in Cyprus of doing several in the Summer months - or at least, I do, with a little help from others in the family who are less enthusiastic.

Of course jigsaws, even smallish ones, take up a fair bit of space. But we have a large dining room table (which was technically a small conference table - it seats six to eight easily and has seated twelve without too much difficulty). So I do the puzzles on the table, and at mealtimes we just cover them with the thickish everyday plastic-coated cloth we use to make it look like a dining table rather than a conference table.

This year I have about five or six new puzzles, mostly either 500 or 1000 pieces. We had a couple given to us at Christmas, and I bought some more at a jumble sale at the Anglican church a couple of months ago. Of course I've no idea if the jumble sale jigsaws will be complete, but it doesn't really matter - I'll enjoy doing them anyway.

I don't look at the box when I do a jigsaw. As a child I was told it was cheating to do so, and even as a young adult it seemed very 'wrong' to look at the box. I do now accept that other people want to check the pictures, and occasionally - if I'm REALLY stuck on a hard one - I might take a peek myself. But I still find them more of an interesting challenge if I don't use the picture to do the puzzle. Then when it's finished, I step back and enjoy it.

By the end of August I usually have about four or five complete jigsaws on the table, which stick around for a week or two before I decide to dismantle them for another year.


jj said...

How cool! I love jigsaws, too. As a small child I wasn't keen on them - but as an older child I used to visit with my next door neighbor (before we moved house), I used to help look after her baby (that's where I picked up most of my child care skills, actually), and in return for my help, the woman would read her favourite books allowed while I did some jigsaws - I absolutely loved it, because at my house, it always seemed so busy and loud, with my brothers running around. So jigsaws pretty much mean a relaxing, winding-down task for me! I love them. My favourite ones to do are pictures painted by Thomas Kinkade - I'm sure you've heard from him? He's a Christian artist. Wow, I'm rambling. Sorry.

Lora said...

I've always loved jigsaw puzzles. However, I haven't done any is a long time maily due to space constaints. Doing puzzles of the complexity and challege that I enjoy takes up to much space for to much time. I really tike the idea of covering them up with a plastic sheet. Next time I get the jigsaw urge I'll have to employee it.