Saturday, September 03, 2005

First rains!

The weather site has been predicting thunderstorms for this weekend. Not that I believed it, of course. The first rain of the season is usually late September, at the earliest. And sure enough, a couple of days ago the storm images vanished, and we were told to expect clear or cloudy skies. This morning a storm picture appeared again for tomorrow afternoon, but today was still predicted to be clear. Just as well, I thought, since our church is having a barbecue this evening for the end of the summer. So this morning, as usual on a Saturday, I thoroughly watered all our fruit trees with the hose.

After lunch, Richard switched his computer on. He chuckled. He has a weather link in his toolbar, which told him it was raining. We glanced outside. Sure it was a bit cloudy, but... no.

About ten minutes later I heard an odd noise. I looked properly outside the window. Was it just wind, with seeds blowing from trees? No... to my amazement, it was indeed drops of rain. Just spitting, but definitely rain.

We went to watch from the back door. The first rain is usually very light, just enough to disturb the dust from the rooftops and the trees, and to make everywhere smell rather dank and unpleasant. We could indeed smell that kind of thing. But to our surprise, the rain got heavier rather than stopping after five minutes. And heavier. There was even a hint of thunder.

It started pouring. I remembered that Tim's roof might leak, and Tim was out at Richard's office, doing some recording. So I moved his guitar and fan out of the way, removed his rug,and put down an old plastic tablecloth instead. Just in time, because drops did indeed start coming through his ceiling. I found a couple of buckets to catch them.

I suppose it was only about twenty minutes' worth of rain in all, but it was really very heavy by the end. This is what it looked like from our front door, with a steam pouring down the street. They haven't yet put drains in our road.

Now it's stopped but it feels very muggy, and the sky still looks threatening. I can hear thunder rumbling around in the distance, too. I just hope and pray it clears up fully before this barbecue later on....

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