Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Migraines and ... moving?

We learned something yesterday. A South African delicacy, Biltong (a little like American beef jerky) can trigger migraines. Not that this is generally a problem, but Dan brought some biltong back from South Africa a couple of weeks ago when he returned from the Doulos. Tim ate some most days last week, and had a terrible migraine. It took until yesterday to make the connection.

Also yesterday, Tim picked up a current 'houses for sale' catalogue. Since we're hoping to sell our UK house soonish, and need to move out of our rental home here within the next year or so, we've been keeping a casual eye on local properties, scanning estate agents' windows, and browsing relevant magazines. Mostly without finding anything interesting.

However in this magazine we did find a house that looked attractive, within our price range and located in Larnaka 'town centre' . It was built in 1976, and for some reason Cypriots mostly like new homes. To us, having lived in houses in the UK that were built around 1900, 1976 seems pretty new anyway - and houses of that era are a great deal more attractive than brand-new ones. At least to our eyes. There's a related web-site, where it's possible to search for homes within a wide range of criteria, so we'll be checking that frequently once we've sold our house.

I've emailed a query to find out exactly where the house is, although having looked at the picture several times I think I know - and if I'm right, it's quite close to our church which would be very convenient. If it turns out to be in the town centre, then it would probably be too noisy, as well as dangerous for the cats.

But just seeing a house that we all like makes the possibility of moving seem a little closer to reality. I doubt if we'll sell our UK house before this one is snapped up, but there must be others like it. And 're-sale' or 'previously owned' houses aren't nearly as popular as new ones.


Alex said...

The house you found looks great from the outside. As you say, though, the location is undoubtably important too.

Hope you find another one. Good luck with the house hunting and selling.

Strange that the locals all like new houses. What do they do with the old ones?

Anonymous said...

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