Saturday, March 25, 2006


It was back in September when Richard bought a little second-hand dinghy. I wrote about it then, and the need for a road trailer, and also some time!

He bought a few bits needed for the boat while we were in the UK in October. He managed to find somewhere that would fix the wheels on the launch trailer a month or two later. We learned that some friends here have a road trailer, and were happy for us to borrow it. They were also happy to give Richard a few lessons. And to arrange for us to join the Larnaka sailing club.

Time rushes by, and the boat has been sitting in our garage for nearly six months, making it very difficult to get anything in or out. But today, at last, with the help of our friends, Richard got it out and onto their trailer:

Then we drove to the sailing club, which is a few kilometres away, and they wheeled the boat in:

But, alas, by this time - 11.00am - the wind was quite high, and the waves rather choppy.

Our friends said they would still take Richard out if he wanted to go, but he decided reluctantly that it was probably a bad idea. Moreoever, if they were fighting the elements he wouldn't learn much about sailing.

But - all was not lost! Our friends have a slightly bigger boat (16 feet, for those who know about boats. I don't know why they're measured in feet rather than metres). They decided they would take that out, and that they had room for Richard and Tim.

Of course they had not thought of bringing a change of clothing, so they got extremely wet wading out to get in the boat. At least they both remembered to wear old shoes!

I was designated photographer, so armed with two cameras I sat on the shingle and enjoyed listening to the waves and watching some intrepid windsurfers:

The boat stayed out for over an hour, much of that time too far away to take pictures. But they managed to get it back, despite the wind, and Richard and Tim both said they had a wonderful time.

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Lora said...

It sounds like a good time was had by all. It sounds like your small boat will be wonderful for skirting the shores with.