Saturday, March 25, 2006


Today is a public holiday, for Greek Independence Day. I'm not entirely sure why Cyprus celebrates it, although it has much in common with Greece, and people here enjoy any reason for a parade.

Since we were at the sailing club this morning (see below) we didn't see or hear the parades. But most shops were closed, and the main Larnaka sea-front was closed to traffic. I expect the Town Band were marching: we used to go and watch them when Dan played clarinet with them, but they're much the same each year. Most of the high schools have groups who march too, and the Scouting organisations.

It seems that March here is the season of marching since we've heard school drum bands almost every morning, practising. Not just for today, either; next Saturday, April 1st, is another public holiday, for Cyprus National Day. I expect the children in schools are annoyed that they both fall on Saturdays this year, since they don't get a day of school - as they do when they fall on weekdays - but have to attend the parades at weekends.

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