Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oranges in Cyprus

We've been picking oranges since early December, when they were still a little tart. There was a huge crop this winter, and we gave away several as well as eating and squeezing hundreds of oranges. However a few weeks ago I had picked all I could reach. By this time of year they're beautifully sweet, but we were told that they should usually all be picked by the end of March, to allow next winter's crop to develop. Sure enough, I noticed that there was lots of new blossom appearing:

...with a gorgeous scent, that unfortunately can't be uploaded for others to share!

So Richard got out the stepladders, and picked all the rest. He filled six carrier bags with oranges:

We've given away two bags already. I shall squeeze juice each morning, but that only takes about six oranges for a large glass each. We just hope we can use them before they start to go bad..


Anvilcloud said...

A bit of a culture shock for a Canadian -- to see oraneg trees and bags of expensive oranges for the taking.

mreddie said...

Our relatives down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can pick oranges from the trees like that, that would be great! ec

Anonymous said...

We will be over on 7th April. Are there groves we can go to where the children can pick, or see picked, and buy fresh citrus fruit?

Sue said...

Yes, it was culture shock for us too when we first got here. But we've got used to picking oranges and lemons now! One of the really nice things about living here.

Anonymous: I've not heard of places where you can pick or watch pickers, but in parts of Cyprus there are citrus groves, so I should think you could go and ask.

Lora said...

OMG that's a lot of oranges! Enjoy them while you can.