Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Flowers, Fruit, .. and Further Frustration

I'm quite pleased with the little border of bedding plants in the front garden:

.. rather more attractive then when I planted them out mid-December, as blogged here with a rather dreary photo.

Our mespila (loquat) tree is about to produce fruit, which is good. These fruit are good for cooking with (albeit rather too full of stones) and delicious when they're just ripe and eaten straight from the tree. We wouldn't choose to plant this particular tree, and never buy the fruit at the supermarket since by the time they've been stored a days or so they're rather tasteless. But there's nothing to beat freshly-picked and fully organic home-grown fruit so we'll make the most of them for the last time.


We hope it's the last time. Today the buyer of our house in the UK saw her solicitor, and our solicitor spoke to him too. Apparently he (the buyer's solicitor) said that contract exchange is impossible by the end of this week, because he has to deal with three other solicitors - those appointed by our buyer's mortgage company, those of the person I spoke to on Friday who's paying some of the deposit, and ours. But he didn't seem even to have worked out how the mechanics will work - with cheques taking three days to clear, it could take another two weeks even if the first cheques are written tomorrow, since they'd have to pass through three solicitors each.


Richard did speak to the guy paying the deposit, who does understand the process and the need for speedy completion, and he'll see what he can do. But I guess we won't be moving by mid-May (sigh).

Oh, and one more thing. I don't fully understand what a blogging carnival is about, but I gather it's a compilation of various posts on a relevant topic. There's a weekly carnival about home education, hosted at various places. I wondered if one of my posts from a year ago would be acceptable so I emailed this week's host to find out - and today had a notification that it was indeed included. I suppose it doesn't matter that my post is out of date from our family perspective, since it's still pertinent to home education.

Anyway, those interested in this subject might like to look through this week's carnival - and maybe folk who are currently home educating in the UK (or anywhere else) could submit posts for future carnivals, to make them a bit more international in flavour.


mreddie said...

Would love to have a loquat tree but they don't do well this far north - they do grow down in Florida. If anything was complicated and confusing we used to call it a Chinese fire drill - your experience with all the solicitors sounds much like one of those. Wow! ec

itsboopchile said...

I passed along the item re homeschoolers to some grandkids who homeschool. It sounded interesting to me.
I do have to thank you, Sue, for your prayers for our family. We watched Buck nearly die at the time of the accident, he insisted he did and watched them pick up his body and put it on the helicopter, and he may have. I have to believe him.
It has been hard for him to lose his mobility but he did love California and was happy there.
So thank you, I appreciate your prayers.
Betty G

Carlotta said...

Saw you at the Carnival and enjoyed the link! Sometimes wonder if the UK should be doing similar but otoh, great to link up around the world.

Dana said...

I like the idea of more "international" flavor coming to the carnival. It is always interesting to read perspectives on home education from other nations!