Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

It's odd when Good Friday is an ordinary working day. Even the schools here haven't yet finished - their Easter break starts next week. That's because Easter in this country is mostly celebrated on the Greek Orthodox day - ie not this Sunday, but the following one. So next Friday will be a public holiday here instead.

Still, we bought some hot cross buns in the supermarket today, which we ate at lunchtime. Tim went to a service at his church at noon, and I shall probably go to the one at our church at 7pm this evening.

It's feeling distinctly warm today, for the first time this year. I thought perhaps it was because there's almost no wind - it really does look extremely still. But I see that (according to the Weather Site) it's 26C here at the moment (around 80F). I don't think it was more than 20 yesterday (68F), so that's quite a leap. I hope it doesn't mean that summer is going to arrive, although of course it's good for the many visitors staying in Cyprus for the UK Easter break, this week and next week. For some reason many people expect Cyprus to be hot all year round and even in April expect to spend a lot of time on the beach or swimming in the sea.

I had a very encouraging phone call from someone in the UK who's putting some money into our house, to help the main buyer. He's been abroad for awhile recently, so has only just caught up with the latest round of discussions and emails. He too is shocked that the process has been taking so long, but thinks part of the problem is lack of communication and understanding. The main buyer has not bought a house before, so is not familiar with the need - sometimes - to hassle solicitors repeatedly to get things done! He is going to see the buyer's solicitor with her on Tuesday (since today and Monday are public holidays in the UK) and will push very hard for exchange of contracts and completion next week. He assures us there is no real problem, nothing else that needs doing our end, and no chance that the buyer is going to pull out. So that's a huge relief.


mreddie said...

It was rather warm here today as well - upper 80s (F) and we are expecting 90 on Sat. and Sun.

I'm sure that is encouraging news that you have someone to help push things along in the UK. Hope things are settled for you folks soon. ec

Anonymous said...

We have just got back having had a lovely two weeks in Paphos. The blame for the sun thing can be laid at the travel companies feet. They advertise Cyprus as 320 days a year of sunshine. Even, if its true, that doesn't mean mega temps, and they don't advertise that!

We booked independantly and expected changeable weather. Over April 7-21st it was, we thought, better than expected. We picked the best two days for the beach with the children. We are not beachy people, coming from the UKs county of beaches anyway!

Interested to read about Loquats. We saw them and tried them in Paphos market but didn't know what they were. At CYP£2 a kilo we only tried the demonstrator!