Monday, April 10, 2006


On Saturday morning, Richard and Tim drove to Nicosia to collect some microphones Richard had ordered for his PA system (several weeks ago - but things don't generally happen rapidly in this country). Tim bought a sustain pedal for his keyboard, something he had been looking for, so he was pleased.

Meanwhile I attempted to cut the 'grass' at the back of the house, only to have the lawnmower stop working after about ten minutes.

After an early lunch, Richard went to meet our sailing friends and his mirror dinghy - bought back in September last year - finally had its maiden voyage.

I didn't go, thinking it would be chilly sitting on the shingle and that one of our friends would be in Richard's boat. In the event, Richard started on his own and did so well that our friends simply sailed their boat alongside - and took some photos. It was a pretty calm day, so not too difficult.

In the afternoon Tim was playing his keyboard for a 'ladies' tea' organised by the Greek Evangelical Church at one of the restaurants downtown. A friend from youth group was playing violin with him for half an hour, and he was also accompanying a singer from the GEC. I gather it went well. He got back about 6.30, had a quick bite to eat, then Richard drove him to a friend's house where some of the Youth Group were gathering to play 'Risk'.

Since Tim was out, we went out for a meal - to Alexander's, an open-air restaurant by the sea-front that's inexpensive and usually good quality. Also very quick, and they nearly always give us something 'on the house' at the end. This time we had some hot chocolate as we were feeling distinctly chilly. Partly because of the weather (although we were under a cover with a heater keeping it reasonably warm) and partly because we indulged in some rather delicious ice-creams...

On Sunday was the 'celebration' service for the end of the '40 days of purpose' campaign (which I wrote about in this post). It was the last one in Antidote Theatre, so the last time Richard had to load up his PA system at 8am ready for a 10.30am service. The service wasn't bad - the children did a few items and we were particularly impressed with one or two in a drama sketch who (we happen to know) attend Antidote classes.

Unfortunately the question about the future, church-wise, is still open and rather stressful. I'd pretty much decided it was right for me to continue attending the Community Church, at least for a while. Richard is much more unhappy about all that has been going on, and doesn't want to go there at all. Last night we talked for a long time about the pros and cons, going round in circles as one does in a late-night conversation, and I was horrified to find it was 2am by the time we finally got to sleep. All the worse because Richard had agreed to take some friends to the airport for 5am, so had to set his alarm for 4.30, and naturally I woke up too. Then Sophia, our cat of schedule, insisted on waking me up as usual at about 7am. I suppose I had about three hours sleep in all, so felt pretty exhausted all day.

I spent much of the weekend working more on my home education site - a time-consuming task trying to ensure all the pages match, and that links are up-to-date. I still have to wade through a couple of years' worth of emails to find those which asked me to include other links or sites... and I haven't finished the basic simplifying yet. I hope later this week...


mreddie said...

Wow - and I thought my weekend was busy - you guys sounded busier than a whole hive of bees! ec

Leonid Mamchenkov said...

I spent much of the weekend working more on my home education site

This is great, but there is an easier (better?) way to do it. I'll send you an email about this in a couple of minutes. :)