Saturday, May 13, 2006

Brain fog and the start of summer

Some days I don't seem able to think properly. Today was one of them. I woke up with a bit of a headache, perhaps because I've had rather disturbed nights recently. It was early when I woke, too, as I was having a sort of nightmare. Not the fast action or monsters that are supposed to characterise nightmares, however: it was much too realistic. I dreamed that it was Sunday morning, that church started in half an hour, and that I hadn't remembered to do the weekly bulletin/song-sheets! For some reason I was trying to get my computer booted up so I could get started, even though I knew there wasn't possibly enough time, and that the photocopy shop would be shut, as it was a Sunday.

So when this dream woke me, with tension across my whole head, it was a great relief to realise it was only Saturday. I usually prepare the bulletin on Friday and then photocopy it on Saturday, but with Richard being unwell, and me not feeling 100%, in addition to hosting and leading our house group (without Richard) in the evening, I hadn't done so. Evidently my subconscious wasn't happy about it.... but I did get the bulletin done and copied by mid-morning.

Richard was a little better this morning, but not significantly. He has to eat something to take with the antibiotics, but wasn't at all hungry. He said the only thing he could bear to eat was soft fruit, such as strawberries or a peach. Peaches aren't in season here, but strawberries are - and very good at this time of year - so I walked to the local supermarket and bought some strawberries, as well as a few other items we needed, since we didn't do our normal weekly shop yesterday.

It felt distinctly warm. Thankfully our house is still pleasantly cool, with its high ceilings and marble floors, and there's no humidity to speak of yet. But outside I should think it was over 28C in the shade, and unfortunately I had to walk in the sun part of the way to and from the supermarket, where it was probably at least five degrees warmer.

Looks like Summer is on its way.

I don't do well in sunshine or heat. So by the time I was home again, I was tired, a bit headachey, and feeling as if my brain was foggy. That hasn't really changed. I forgot to put the breadmaker on, so Tim went round the corner and bought some bakery bread. We used to love bread from this bakery, but are now spoilt with the wonderful concoctions that emerge from the breadmaker.

In the afternoon Richard got up for a bit. Our TV died a couple of weeks ago, so Tim attached Richard's MAC notebook computer to the monitor of the boys' old monitor, and Richard watched 'The Italian Job' - an old favourite that didn't need much mental energy.

The day seems to have passed. I'm not entirely sure where. I read and wrote some email, read about half a book, did a few minor web-site changes, read a few blogs. Tim cooked some rice in the steamer and re-heated some leftover chicken tikka from the freezer. Richard didn't want anything much, but managed a bowl of mushroom soup.

So much for Saturday.

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Konstantin said...

Cool, "bulletin on Friday". Newspaper work? It is getting too hot, cleaned the AC filters today.