Monday, May 15, 2006

Relative time

Time in Cyprus is a movable feast. There's 'real time' and there's 'Cyprus time'. If a concert or play is advertised as starting at 8.00pm, the chances are it will actually begin around quarter past eight, maybe even twenty past. In other words, 'eight o'clock Cyprus time'.

This suits Richard, who's never had the greatest sense of time. This morning, considerably better after his infection but not yet 100%, he said he would just pop into the office for 'a few minutes'. He went at about 11.00am. He got home at half-past one.

I begin to think it must be catching. Tim always used to have an excellent sense of time. This afternoon, however, he went - for about the third time in the past few days - to try and help some friends with email/internet problems. They picked him up at 2.30pm. I reminded him that he had a singing lesson at 4.30, and suggested he might take his backpack, but he assured me he would only be 'a few minutes'.

At 4.20 I suddenly realised he had not come home so picked up the phone to call his mobile, only to realise that a car had just pulled up outside our house. I went out, and Tim was sitting in the car talking to our friend.

'Um, are you going to get to your singing class in time?' I asked.

'Why?' he said. 'It's only about four o'clock, isn't it?'

Our friend would have taken him to his class, but Tim first of all had to grab some papers, and then pop around the corner to make ten photocopies of something, so he said it would be quicker to walk.

Oh well. He should have got to his class by about twenty to five, and I suppose that's 4.30 Cyprus time.


mreddie said...

That sounds like one could write a country song about that, titled "Living on Cyprus Time". Some folks I know live on "Cyprus Time" in our country also. :) ec

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who was always late for everything. Only about ten minutes, and always ten minutes, but it was annoying for everyone else.

I suggested, if she changed her watch by just ten minutes then we would all be happy.

:) Kes

Anvilcloud said...

While in Monument Valley, when asked something about the tour schedule, our Navajo guide said that it didn't matter because we were now on Navajo time.

Vissoula said...

There are wonderful pictures of my island (yes i LOVE it) in this site, hope you like them !