Friday, May 26, 2006


Our house sale in Birmingham has been completed! We no longer own the house; instead we have a large amount of money in our UK bank account, until we transfer most of it to buy the house here.

Such a relief.

We're away for the weekend, so were particularly pleased to hear before leaving. Thanks to all for prayers and good wishes for the past few months!


Anvilcloud said...

Thank goodness for that, eh? It was all beyond my comprehension. But most things are.

Anonymous said...

Rich for five minutes!

Have a relaxing weekend after all that lot you deserve it.

:) Kes

Elizabeth said...

So happy for you!! Have a great weekend and hopefully in a cooler location!!

mreddie said...

Wow - I'm sure that is like a load off of you folks - hope you have a good weekend. ec