Thursday, May 25, 2006

So hot...

Today, when I went outside at only nine o'clock to bring in yesterday's laundry, it felt as if I were getting into the oven.

Well, slight exaggeration there. But it definitely felt distinctly hotter than my comfort zone. It's apparently been 35C in the shade for most of today. Tim's guitar student said that it's been reported that it's six degrees higher than usual for this time of year, and predicted to return to 29C tomorrow. I certainly hope so. 35 is about as hot as it gets here during July and August but we don't expect it in May. I'm certainly thankful we're not in the middle of moving today.

So I haven't done much today. Some email, a few minor web-site updates, some reading. Since I read a lot anyway, I've joined a summer reading challenge - the aim being to read two books per week for June, July and August. I shall review all I read, as usual, on my books blog. I would usually read considerably more than two books per week during the summer here, but since we'll be moving house at the start of July, all being well, I shall probably read much less than usual. Besides, we'll have full air conditioning in the new house so I will no longer need to spend 10 hours per day in one room!

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mreddie said...

Hopefully your temp will soon return something closer to normal. It was hot here as well and my poor veggies were drooping until I finally got out the sprinkler. A cloud and some thunder came up and all we got was about 25 drops of moisture - empty promises. Maybe tomorrow. ec