Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Richard just phoned from work.

Our solicitor phoned him to say that AT LAST contracts have been exchanged on our UK house. Completion is still due on Friday this week, and as it's written into the contracts that means it's legally binding, so it should definitely happen.

WHAT a relief. I can almost feel the low-key tension draining from my forehead.

Of course there will be a lot more stress once we actually start moving, but that's different.

Richard is now phoning our solicitor here, and the estate agent, to find out when is the soonest we can move. Of course we have to wait for the vast amount of money to be transferred here, which will take at least a week, maybe more, and we don't know how soon the sellers can move out. And we have to speak to our landlady here, but I should think we'll continue renting until the end of June, to give us plenty of time to move. Weather is likely to be pretty warm by mid-June, so we won't want to do it in too much of a hurry.

I am so thankful the end really is in sight now!


Anonymous said...


Congrats. The stressful bit should now at least be tinged with fun.

:) Kes

Leonid Mamchenkov said...

Glad to hear that.
Congratulations! :)

Jax said...

That is good news.

We're just starting with the saga of getting valuations, going to see places, planning mortgages...I'm really not looking forward to anything except being moved.

mreddie said...

So glad for you! And glad that the light at the end of the tunnel is not attached to a large train going very fast. :) ec

Sue said...

Thanks all. yes, it's a huge relief all round. It'll be even better when completion happens and we no longer have to worry about the UK house.