Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting warmer

Today, for the first time this year, the weather has felt hot. Sitting here in jeans and a tee-shirt, I feel sticky. I don't want to switch to shorts before I have to, but if this continues it could be before the end of May, which would be earlier than usual. According to the weather channel it's 30C at present, and 37% humidity. That's pretty warm for half past seven at night. When I was cooking our evening meal, the kitchen felt extremely hot, although (according to our digital kitchen scales) it was only 28C. That's the temperature we run our air conditioning during the hottest months - but of course a/c reduces humidity too. And I'm sure it was more than 37% humidity while I was cooking.

It hasn't rained much for ages - it's been an extremely dry spring. That doesn't help.

It's not going to be much fun packing and organising all our 'stuff' for moving if this heat continues or increases during June. We won't actually be moving now until the first week of July. Richard spoke to the estate agent, who spoke to the vendors. They had been prepared to move out earlier than our official completion date of 30th June, if we had been ready to complete a couple of months ago. But if their new house is going to be ready then, we can quite see that they wouldn't want to find temporary accommodation for just two or three weeks beforehand.


Anonymous said...

That answers that. Last year tossed up whether to come to Cyprus at Easter, or half term (which starts this Friday). We plumped for the Easter and so, with temperatures as they are, thank goodness we did!

A move certainly will be a hot one. Get in the water and hats boys!

:) Kes

Anvilcloud said...

20C here today. It's been quite a bit hotter already this year but not for the past week which has been downright miserable.

mreddie said...

I'm guessing that it will be a relief, even moving in the hot temps, with just having everything finally finalized. Keep us posted. ec