Saturday, July 01, 2006

Starting to paint

So, finally we have access to our new house. Richard packed the car last night with the paint, brushes, dust-sheets, useful tools, our new stepladder, a couple of folding garden chairs to sit on, and also a few small boxes he had marked as 'fragile'. So that's our first load taken over. The owner had a few things still to remove - some upstairs curtains and light fittings, one of his satellite dishes, and some toys belonging to his children. So he worked around us while we started painting the living room!

We chose a very pale apricot colour, not quite 'hint-of-a-tint' but not much darker. I had forgotten that the tiles on the floor are a kind of pinkish brown, and wondered if the colour would clash, but we quickly realised it worked extremely well. We managed to do one coat on the whole room this morning; I suppose it took about three hours in all. I can't take a photo because Tim took the digital camera to camp this weekend, and although I found my old camera, we packed the spare films away weeks ago and have no idea where they are! Since we no longer use film regularly, it seems a bit pointless to buy a new one specially. Anyway, it will be more interesting when all the painting is done, and when we start to move in furniture.

We had been painting for about an hour when we remembered that we could use the air conditioner to cool the room down a bit .... and what a difference that made!

Tomorrow Richard has to go with the house vendor to the Water Board, since they couldn't transfer to our name without seeing both of us, and knowing the meter numbers. We read the water and electricity meters too, with the vendor, just to make sure the meter readers get it right.

Completion is now set for Tuesday morning. So we should be the official owners of the house before we actually move in.


mreddie said...

It is amazing what a few coats of paint can do for a house. It is hard for me to believe that the house buying escapade is finally coming to a close, so I know it is hard for you folks. I know you will be so glad to finally move into your own place. ec

Deb said...

Wow, this seems like it's been *such* a long time coming - I'm so gld you're finally in the home-stretch (pun completely intended :-))

Since you've nothing better to do ;-) - I've tagged you over on my blog :-D

Anonymous said...

Its getting exciting now! I keep reading but cannot post from my laptop hence the drought on comments by me.

We are all sympathising with you in 30 degree style over here!

Good luck with the big move...

:) Kes