Friday, June 30, 2006

Time is rushing by

Tim went off to the inter-church youth group camp in the Troodos mountains this morning. He was using an old rucksack of Richard's which is big enough to hold sleeping bag AND clothes. I'm not sure what else he had packed, as it was so heavy I couldn't lift it off the ground! Tim assured us it was fine, as he heaved it onto his shoulders, then leaned forward several degrees to ensure he didn't overbalance backwards...

We persuaded him to have a lift in the car to the church car park, where the group were leaving from. He was insistent that he could walk, but it seemed a bit silly to start a camping weekend with backache.

As they were leaving, Richard had another phone call from the estate agent. The local tax people, she said, cannot get the necessary documents ready for Monday. So she asked if we could do the completion and deed exchange on Wednesday.

Nope. Wednesday is when we're doing the main moving. We have several friends with trucks, and some students, and the team who are leading the youth group, all willing to help on that morning. So he said that Thursday would be better. It seems odd to think of moving in fully before we've completed and paid the last of the money, but ... this is Cyprus.

It has the advantage that Richard didn't need to go to the bank this morning to get bank drafts ready for Monday (banks don't open till 8.30am and our appointment at the Land Registry will be at 8.00am) and he also doesn't need to defer delivery of the items he had ordered for Monday morning. Sometimes it's good to put things off until the last moment!

A friend brought us some more boxes this morning, and at lunch-time Richard packed up yet more kitchen bits and pieces. A little more enthusiastically than I would have hoped, because he has now packed the citrus juicer and the yogurt maker. I hoped to make more yogurt this afternoon, and I squeeze fresh orange juice most mornings. Ah well. He's also packed away even the pyrex dishes I used last night, so we'll have to be a bit creative about serving our meal tonight. At least there are a couple of saucepans still in the kitchen, also the breadmaker, the electric kettle, and the coffee maker. And we're still eating up frozen leftover meals, so that's easy.

Tomorrow we should get the keys at 8.30, and can then start painting! I can't quite believe it at present. I think we might load a film into my old camera, since Tim took the digital camera to camp. I'd like to record our progress for posterity, and also of course to send to Daniel who has never seen this house.

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