Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cats in character

When we were downstairs last night, painting and hemming curtains, the four cats were a little puzzled since there's usually at least one of us in the main part of the house.

True to type, Sophia - the organised Extravert - followed us downstairs, walked around telling us we were doing everything wrong, and then decided to have a nap (she is, after all, feline..) on the most comfortable sofa:

Tessie, who also loves to be around people, and is a secret admirer of Sophia, came down too. She sniffed around a bit, then, seeing Sophia taking a nap, did likewise, on a not-so-comfortable chair:

Cleo, most nervous and unpredictable of our cats, sat upstairs for a while, since that's where she feels safest. But she only dozed lightly, and spent some time checking whether we were in fact hiding from her:

Then eventually she came downstairs too, to find out what was going on, and to ensure there were no intruders.

As for Jemima, softest and shyest of all the cats... she just found a comfortable chair in our main living room, and had a good wash:

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Anvilcloud said...

Four of them? My goodness.